Thomas Hodgson

28 February 2021

Following Ben Caplan’s:

Why we should not identify sentence structure with propositional structure

(ii) on p. 614 shouldn’t say ‘lexical items’ but ‘propositional constituents’.

Thanks to Francesco Paolo Gentile.

Meaning underdetermines what is said, therefore utterances express many propositions

The quotation from Grice on p. 178 should be:

A meant [non-naturally] something by x” is (roughly) equivalent to “A intended the utterance of x to produce some effect in an audience by means of the recognition of this intention[.]” (1957, 385)

The typography is garbled in the printed version.

Russellians can solve the problem of empty names with nonsingular propositions

The page numbers for Timothy Williamson’s ‘Necessary Existents’ are given as 269–287; they are in fact 233–251.